GeneBlaster Transfection Booster

GeneBlaster Topaz (Cat# GB20013)
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GeneBlasters Transfection Boosters are chemical mixtures that significantly improve the gene expression level obtained with viral and non-viral gene delivery systems. They can be used with all commercially available transfection reagents.
Four different solutions are offered, each developed for specific types of cells. The GeneBlaster Selections Kit includes one vial of each type of GeneBlaster.
The GeneBlaster products offered are:
  • GeneBlaster Ruby - for adherent cells
  • GeneBlaster Sapphire - for adherent cells, complementing GeneBlaster Ruby
  • GeneBlaster Topaz - for suspension cells, especially hematopoietic cells
  • GeneBlaster Emerald - for neurons
  • GeneBlaster Selection Kit - includes one of each type of GeneBlaster
GB20010 results fig1
Figure 1: Transfection efficiency improvement in the presence of GeneBlaster. Cells seeded in 24-well plates were transfected with a pLacZ plasmid DNA using DreamFect Gold transfection reagent with and without GeneBlaster.
GB20010 results fig2
Figure 2: Neuron transfection improvement with Gene Blaster Emerald. Primary hippocampal neurons were transfected with a pGFP plasmid DNA using NeuroMag or a Lipid L + CombiMag with and without GeneBlaster Emerald. After 72h, the number of transfected neurons was estimated by fluorescence microscopy.
  • Higher gene expression in many cells
  • Convenient for a large panel of adherent and suspension cells
  • Prolongs in vitro gene expression
  • Successful with all genetic vectors
  • Simple, rapid protocol
  • Enhancement and lengthening of transgene expression in adherent and suspension cells
  • GB20010 - GeneBlaster Selection Kit (includes GeneBlaster Ruby, GeneBlaster Sapphire, GeneBlaster Topaz and GeneBlaster Emerald, 1.5ml each)
  • GB20011 - GeneBlaster Ruby, 1.5ml x 3 
  • GB20012 - GeneBlaster Sapphire, 1.5ml x 3
  • GB20013 - GeneBlaster Topaz, 1.5ml x 3
  • GB20014 - GeneBlaster Emerald, 1.5ml x 3

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