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Magnetic Silica Beads for DNA Isolation & Extraction

MD0X018 - MagSi-DNA allround beads, silica surface, 1.2µm bead size


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MagSi-DNA allround beads are magnetic silica beads with a nanoporous surface optimized for the purification and isolation of nucleic acids. Due to the superparamagnetic properties and a 1.2µm bead size, the beads sediment slowly collects within 2-3 minutes in a magnetic field. This makes them applicable for both manual and automated/robotic DNA isolation. The magnetic microparticles are intended as a solid phase extraction tool for custom buffer systems based on chaotropic and non-chaotropic binding principles. They can be used for developing your own nucleic acid isolation and extraction methods, such as:
  • Isolation of genomic, mitochondrial, or viral DNA; isolation of RNA 
  • Isolation of genomic, plasmid or phage DNA from bacterial cultures and bacteria from clinical samples 
  • Clean-up of DNA from enzymatic reactions or chromatin immunoprecipitation procedures to remove unwanted substances
MagSi-DNA allround beads reversibly bind DNA and other nucleic acids under sample- and buffer-specific conditions. A solution containing DNA (e.g. lysate) is combined with the beads and an application-specific binding buffer. After incubation, nucleic acids are bound to the silica surface. By applying a suitable magnet to the container (tube/deepwell microplate), the bead pellet is separated from the sample mixture. Unwanted components are further removed by washing steps in a selection of buffers. Finally, nucleic acids are released in a DNase/RNase-free water or buffer solution.
Please note: When separation speed is crucial and sufficient homogenization tools are available, MagSi-DNA 300nm beads may be more suitable due to its short separation time.


  • Intended for nucleic acid isolation
  • Optimized magnetic content for fast separation and medium suspension time
  • Can be used in both manual and automated/robotic DNA isolation
  • Concentration of 20mg/ml


  • Nucleic acid isolation and purification
  • Developing your own nucleic acid isolation and extraction methods


  • MD01018 - Magnetic Silica Beads with silica surface, 1.2µm bead size, 2ml
  • MD02018 - Magnetic Silica Beads with silica surface, 1.2µm bead size, 10ml


Previously listed as catalog# PR-MAG00035-01 and PR-MAG00035-02