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Aqua Reagents for DNA, RNA & Protein Extraction

2030MI - AquaGenomic Solution, 30ml



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Simple, scalable, high yield genomic DNA extraction.
AquaGenomic is a multifunctional aqueous reagent used to extract genomic DNA from all types of specimens, from bacteria to plant and animal tissues. Nine different extraction protocols are provided for different types of samples, all of which are easy, fast, and scalable. One 30ml bottle is sufficient for 300 minipreps.
Unlike column-based kits, only one solution is required, and one solution can be applied to multiple types of specimens. AquaGenomic is non-toxic and its lysate can be used for PCR directly without DNA purification. 
The following protocols are provided:
  1. Cell Protocol - prepares 5-10 µg of genomic DNA from 1-2 million cultured cells.

  2. Tissue Protocol - extracts DNA from tissues by homogenization or by Proteinase K digestion.

  3. Saliva Protocol - obtains 10-20 µg of genomic DNA from 100 µl of saliva, a buccal swab, or 200 µl of mouthwash.

  4. Microbe Protocol - prepares 10-20 µg of DNA from 1 ml overnight microbial culture.

  5. Stool and Soil Protocol - prepares 5-10 µg of DNA from 15 mg of feces; requires AquaPrecipi Solution for most samples.

  6. Swab Protocol - extracts 5 µg of DNA from a dried specimen swab.

  7. Whole Blood Protocol - extracts total blood cellular and cell-free DNA from whole blood samples.

  8. White Blood Cell Protocol -  prepares ~5-6 µg of genomic DNA from white blood cells in 100 µl of whole blood.

  9. Avian Blood Protocol - prepares 50-100 µg of genomic DNA from 10 µl of avian blood sample stored in 100 µl of Queen’s lysis buffer. 
The method of selective extraction in an aqueous solution offers many advantages over binding to a solid support. Below is a comparison of genomic DNA extraction with AquaGenomic Solution and spin column kits. 


Column-based Kit

AquaGenomic Solution


Solid support

Aqueous Solution

Chaotropic salt



Multiple kits

Yes; mini, midi, maxi, animal, plant, blood, etc.

No, one kit for all sizes and materials

# of solutions



Lysate for PCR








  • Simple, non-toxic, inexpensive genomic DNA extraction
  • Scalable to different sample sizes
  • Crude lysate may be used directly for PCR
  • Can be used with a wide range of specimens
  • 9 different protocols provided for different types of specimens
  • Stored at room temperature, stable for >1 year


  • Genomic DNA extraction from cells, tissues, saliva, microbes, swabs, stool, soil and blood


  • AquaGenomic solution, 300 minipreps, 30ml