iGENatal Prenatal DNA Extraction Kit

Cat#: NNATAL2.50
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Previously listed as cat# IGN050

The iGENatal Prenatal DNA Kit is specifically designed for DNA extraction from prenatal samples including amniotic fluid and chorionic villus. High quality, high purity DNA can be extracted in less than 2 hours. The required sample size is minimal at only 2-4 ml amniotic fluid or 2-3 mg chorionic villus. The extracted DNA is suitable for array-CGH and array-SNP without the need for previous cell cultures. This kit is phenol-free.

Absorbance ratios

  • A260/A230 is over 2; DNA is macromolecule-free
  • A260/A280 ratio is between 1.7 - 1.9; low RNA and peptide contamination


  • Specifically designed for low cellularity samples (5 x 104) with minimum sample size: 2-4 ml amniotic fluid or 2-3 mg chorionic villus.
  • High DNA extraction yield; 70% more DNA with respect to Gold standard
  • High-quality, high purity DNA is suitable for genetic diagnostic procedures
  • Low contamination by RNA and macromolecules
  • Does not contain phenol
  • DNA extraction from prenatal samples (amniotic fluid and chorionic villus)
  • Solution A, 16ml
  • Solution B, 6ml
  • Solution C, 2.5ml
  • Solution D, 22ml
  • Solution E, 25.5ml
  • Solution F, 3ml
  • 2ml tubes x 50
  • 1.5ml tubes x 50

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