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Western Blotting

16029 - Miracle-Star™ Pico Western Blot Detection System


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The Miracle-Star™ Pico Western Blot Detection System is designed to detect pico-gram-level protein signals through chemiluminescence detection, a reaction of horseradish peroxidase (HRP), that is bound to secondary antibodies during western blotting. 

Western blot detection is a technique that is essential for research on the expression of target proteins. It uses antigen-antibody reactions to detect certain proteins in whole proteins. The Miracle-Star™ Pico Western Blot Detection System consists of a Substrate solution and an Enhancer solution. When mixed, the solutions react with the membrane that is bound to the target protein and the primary and secondary antibodies. The advanced chemiluminescent HRP substrate (luminol) results in a fast and more sensitive detection of a target, while providing a long-lasting signal and high signal to noise ratio. This luminescence reaction can be visualized using equipment with X-ray film or CCD camera. 


  • Protein is identified by the reaction of HRP bound to secondary antibody; high reactivity reduces amounts of secondary antibody used
  • High sensitivity; detects low picograms(pg) level of target protein on membrane blot
  • Generates high resolution signal
  • Long signal duration
  • Simple protocol is completed within 10 minutes


  • Western Blotting using chemiluminescence


  • Substrate solution, 100ml
  • Enhancer solution, 100ml