Vertebrate Antibodies

Our line of high quality vertebrate antibodies produced by Vertebrate Antibodies Limited (VAL) includes both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies specific to targets within a wide range of organisms for basic, applied and clinical research. VAL specializes in creating high quality antibodies to novel and in-demand targets. A combination of bioinformatics and streamlined modified protocols have improved the efficiency and sensitivity of these products. To date these antibodies have proven to be invaluable tools for many research fields.

VAL has generated multiple mAbs for use as fish health and disease markers. Although the aquaculture industry is rapidly expanding, few tools are available for assessing fish health. Further research into fish health is urgently needed to maintain a sustainable industry. Our line of fish antibodies are used to detect specific IgM, IgT and IgD in the serum of fish, an indicator of previous exposure to pathogens. Already 80 antibodies have been generated, including the first commercial antibodies for soluble immune checkpoints sCTLA4, sGITR and sPDL2. With these resources, research into fish health and vaccine development can be greatly improved.