Lumpsucker Antibodies

Lumpsuckers, or lumpfish, have been found to be effective tools for managing sea lice in salmon farms. Sea lice is a serious issue in salmon farming, and current methods for treatment involve harsh chemicals. By consuming sea lice, lumpsuckers offer a friendlier alternative, however more research is needed to determine their true efficiency.

As breeding of lumpsucker fish becomes more prevalent, further research into their health is required. Our fish antibodies are readily available to aid in studying fish health and infection at critical points of development. These antibodies can be of great use in vaccine production, monitoring vaccine efficiency, and in the development of methods of assessing fish health.

Anti-IgM [Z69]

Cat#: 153475

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Anti-IgT [Z55F8*C3]

Cat#: 153529

Sales Price$435.00