Zebrafish Antibodies

Zebrafish have emerged as a popular animal model for R&D.  Due to their genomic similarity to humans, shortened life cycle, and their regenerative abilities, they are useful in studying development processes and underlying gene expression.

Additionally, in recent years, the aquaculture industry has exhibited significant growth worldwide. Disease management is central to a sustainable industry, however there are few markers for general “health performance” and infection. To ensure continued growth, precision-based aquaculture is needed that exploits innovative approaches based on sound biological knowledge.

Our zebrafish antibodies are readily available to aid in researching fish health and infection at critical time points of development. Our line of fish antibodies are used to detect specific IgM, IgT and IgD in the serum of fish, an indicator of previous exposure to pathogens.

Anti-p53 [V5P4H6*B3]

Cat#: 152613

Sales Price$445.00

Anti-AKT1 [V7]

Cat#: 152617

Sales Price$445.00

Anti-FGF1 [V8P1G5*F2]

Cat#: 152618

Sales Price$445.00

Anti-FLT1 [Z9P4F3*H10]

Cat#: 152619

Sales Price$445.00

Anti-PXR [V11P4G11*E7]

Cat#: 152621

Sales Price$445.00

Anti-TIMP2 [3A4]

Cat#: 151837

Sales Price$355.00

Anti-MMP9 [V6P3F11*A4]

Cat#: 152622

Sales Price$445.00

Anti-FOXP3, Polyclonal

Cat#: 152623

Sales Price$445.00
Sales Price$445.00

Anti-CD4, Polyclonal

Cat#: 152630

Sales Price$445.00