Mobicols & Lab Columns

Our Mobicols and MobiSpin columns are versatile 1ml columns for separation, isolation, treatment, and purification. Functioning as both spin and affinity chromatography columns, Mobicols can be used to make your own spin/affinity columns with the matrix of your choice. Columns are also available pre-filled with various matrices. Filters of different sizes and Luer adapters are offered to customize the columns to your specific needs.

Three types of Mobicols are offered, with different options for each:

  • Mobicol "F" Column - Recommended for gravity flow; leak-proof outlet plug
  • MobiSpin Column "F" - Recommended for spinning; leak-proof outlet plug
  • Mobicol "Classic" - For gravity flow or spinning

Larger separation columns in 2.5ml, 5ml and 10ml sizes are also available. These syringe-based columns have Luer-lock adapters at their in- and outlet, providing several handling advantages.


Ni-IDA His-Tag Purification Columns

4 Columns (Cat# PR-HTK004)

Sales Price$232.00
Sales Price$148.00
Sales Price$145.00

Desalting MobiSpin Columns Pre-packed with Matrix

20 Purifications (Cat# SCO100)

Sales Price$70.00

Laboratory Columns Set (1ml, 2.5ml, 5ml, and 10ml Columns)

Column Set with 10µm Lower Filter (Cat# S10011)

Sales Price$197.00
Lower Filters (Required) 
Upper Filters (Optional) 

Laboratory Columns, 2.5ml, 5ml or 10ml, 20/pack

2.5ml Columns with 10µm Lower Filter (Cat# S10121)

Sales Price$180.00
Lower Filters (Required) 
Upper Filters (Optional) 
Sales Price$235.00
Lower Filters (Optional) 
Upper Filters (Optional)