Our novel Whole Genome Amplification kits from Bioron provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to amplification of genomic DNA with a one-step protocol and one tube reaction. These kits combine PCR and Multiple Displacement Amplification by using Bioron’s thermostable SD Polymerase. The unique combination of primers and SD Polymerase guarantees the best amplification performance.

The Single Cell WGA Kit is an improved version of the One Step WGA Kit. The Single Cell WGA Kit provides efficient analysis of single cells with one lysis step and one amplification step.

Bioron’s DNA Fragmentation Kit is used for enzymatic fragmentation of genomic DNA for Next Generation Sequencing. Like the WGA kits, this kit incorporates SD Polymerase, combining it with nonspecific endonuclease DNase I, for improved performance and efficiency.

One Step Whole Genome Amplification Kit

25 Reactions (Cat# 108725)

Sales Price$489.00

Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification Kit

10 Reactions (Cat# 118710)

Sales Price$244.00

DNA Fragmentation Kit

25 Preps (Cat# 131025)

Sales Price$576.00