Company Overview

Boca Scientific buildingBoca Scientific Incorporated was established in Boca Raton, Florida in 2002. We are now based in Massachusetts. We bring innovative Biotechnology products from around the world to research labs in the United States and Canada. We are proud to offer a carefully curated selection of leading-edge Molecular Biology, Immunology, Cell Biology, and Diagnostics products as well as our freezer storage systems. Our product offering includes a unique selection of research and diagnostic reagents, kits, and supplies both from our own-line, and from manufacturers in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

We represent a number of well-established international companies including MoBiTec GmbH (Germany), Isohelix (United Kingdom), Candor Biosciences (Germany), OZ Biosciences (France), Bioron (Germany), Cell Culture Technologies (Switzerland), Intron Biotechnologies (South Korea), Vertebrate Antibodies Ltd (Scotland), GRiSP (Portugal), and more.

We are proud to supply to a large base of higher education institutions, hospitals, research institutes, government agencies and private biotechnology, diagnostic, CROs, and pharmaceutical companies. Our customers include 10/10 of the top pharmaceutical companies, and 10/10 of the top Biotechnology companies in the US.

Some of our key differentiators include the quality of products we bring to the market, our commitment to customer service and support, and our efficient operating practices which allow us to offer timely delivery of our products.

Buying From Boca Scientific:

We are committed to building strong relationships with both our customers and our partners. Our goal is to deliver an outstanding buying and overall customer experience, whether it is in-person, online, by phone, or email. We strive to be flexible in our approach to best meet our customer’s needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure that doing business with Boca Scientific is a pleasure.

Whether you need assistance choosing a product or trouble-shooting an application, we are just a phone call or email away.

When you order products from Boca Scientific, we take care of all issues associated with importing biologicals from abroad - no more headaches complying with US customs or FDA. All products are stored, received, and shipped at the appropriate temperatures and conditions. In addition, we provide excellent support.