Buccal Swabs, Stabilization Products & Isolation Kits

Isohelix Buccal Swabs are designed for high-yield DNA and RNA retrieval and convenient transport. With multiple formats to choose from and compatible DNA/RNA Stabilization and DNA/RNA Isolation Kits, Isohelix swabs and kits provide the perfect solution for sample collection, storage and processing.

Buccal cell sampling offers a non-invasive alternative to blood collection and is ideal for clinical trials and field studies. With a unique swab matrix and quick release surface, Isohelix swabs maximize efficiency in cell collection and provide high yields of pure, intact DNA and RNA. They are suitable for use in both human and animal studies.  

Isohelix swabs and kits have been used in countless applications including research genotyping, epigenetics, forensics, ecological studies, veterinary applications, and microbiology.

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