Reduce Interference with Multifunctional Buffers and Diluents.

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Minimize Non-specific Binding, Background, and Cross-reactivities.

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Preserve Antibodies and Proteins for Improved Assay Performance.

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Immunoassay Optimization

CANDOR Bioscience provides an outstanding line of high-quality reagents for immunoassays and ELISA development. These reagents greatly improve the accuracy and stability of the assay, allowing for reliable results, simplified assays and reduced processing times. Our range of reagents include:

  • Immunoassay Optimization Buffers – multifunctional buffers and diluents, including the widely used antibody and sample dilution buffer LowCross-Buffer® for reducing interference in a range of assays.
  • Blockers – surface blocking reagents for minimizing non-specific binding, background, and cross-reactivities, thereby improving the sensitivity and specificity of the assay.
  • Stabilizers – stabilization reagents for long-term storage of antibodies, proteins, and conjugates in solutions or on coated surfaces, preventing loss of functionality for improved assay performance.

Our immunoassay reagents are essential for producing reliable assays without false positives or negatives, whether it is ELISA, Western Blotting, IHC, Protein Arrays, or Immuno-PCR.

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CANDOR’s immunoassay optimization reagents provide critical stability and reliability to COVID-19 assays. For serological ELISA, try 6 reagents in the COVID-19 ELISA Sampler Package including PlateBlock™, an animal-free blocker specifically designed for preventing false positives and negatives in serological ELISA.

For your rapid antigen tests, the virus-inactivation buffer SafetyTector™ S provides essential user safety measures to IVD medical devices. This extraction and dilution buffer inactivates COVID-19 in saliva specimens and nasopharyngeal swabs in immunoassays, preventing users from being infected by positive tests. SafetyTector™ S achieves complete virus inactivation without sacrificing the ability to detect the analyte.

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