ScreenFect Transfection Reagents

ScreenFect® transfection reagents efficiently transfect a variety of cells with minimal cytotoxicity. These reagents can be used for transfection of nucleic acid molecules (pDNA, siRNA, mRNA, miRNA) as well as co-transfection of combinations of these. With an optimized "One-Step" protocol, cell plating and transfection can take place the same day for highly efficient transfection without harming the cells. Learn more in the ScreenFect® Brochure.

ScreenFect-A Transfection Reagent

0.2ml (Cat# S-3001-2)

Sales Price$147.00
Sales Price$119.00

ScreenFect-mRNA Transfection Reagent

0.2ml (Cat# S-5001-2)

Sales Price$146.00
Sales Price$120.00