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Gelatex is an innovative materials technology company, focused on revolutionizing nano-fiber technology. Gelatex offers a range of products for 3D cell culture, all containing their novel HaloSpun Gelacellâ„¢ scaffolds. These scaffolds closely resemble the native extracellular matrix to optimize 3D cell culturing. Gelacellâ„¢ scaffold products are available as inserts designed to fit standard tissue culture well plates, affixed to cell crowns for long term 3D cell culture, and as highly customizable 10x10 cm scaffolds for tissue engineering. These products are available in a variety of biocompatible materials including PLLA, PLGA, and PLGA:PCL. Gelatex also offers a 24 well plate containing HaloSpun PLLA scaffolds affixed to PET discs, which are transparent for convenient cell imaging and analysis. All products are sterilized using gamma irradiation.