Buccal DNA/RNA Stabilization Kits

Our DNA/RNA stabilization products are optimized for use with buccal swabs and preserve fully intact DNA or RNA prior to isolation.

  • Instant room temperature stabilization
  • Easy to use in field and clinical settings
  • Prevents cross-contamination risks
  • Maintains DNA/RNA integrity for improved yields and purity


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Multiple Stabilization Options to Choose From

Stabilizes DNA for 3+ Years

For SK-1S Swabs

Stabilizes DNA for 3-6 Months

Pouch and Swab Included

Stabilizes DNA for 2+ Years

Prefilled Tubes or 25ml Bottle

Stabilizes Gut Microbiome DNA

For 2 Months at Room Temp.

Stabilizes RNA for 4 Weeks

For Flocked Swabs

BuccalFixRapiDriDri-CapsulesStoolFixBuccalFix RNA


For best results, samples should be stabilized during transit and storage if there is a delay greater than 1-2 days between collection and processing of samples. Our stabilization products are designed to maintain complete molecular biology integrity while preventing cross-contamination risks. Multiple options are available:

  • Dri-Capsules - silica capsules compatible with SK-1S swabs that quickly and efficiently dry the swabs for instant stabilization. Dri-capsules stabilize DNA at room temperature for over 3 years. These capsules are sold in packs of 50 without swabs or in a kit with 50 SK-1S swabs.
  • RapiDri Integrated DNA Swab Kit - pack of 200 swabs with stabilization pouches included. The special RapiDri pouches stabilize DNA for 3 months. RapiDri is an excellent alternative to longer-term stabilization at a lower cost.
  • BuccalFix DNA Stabilization Buffer - this buffer stabilizes DNA for 2 years and RNA for 4 days at room temperature and is offered in bulk or pre-filled in various tube formats to suit both manual and automated applications.
  • StoolFix Stabilization Buffer - buffer optimized for fecal microbiome DNA. The buffer is pre-filled in tubes for minimal sample handling. DNA is stabilized for 2+ months at room temperature.

With this selection of products, users can find the ideal stabilization method to preserve their samples.


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BuccalFix DNA/RNA Stabilization Buffer

3 Tubes with Sarstedt Caps (Cat# BFX/S1-05-03)

Sales Price$25.00
Size & Format 
Sales Price$609.00

StoolFix DNA Stabilization Buffer

3 Tubes (Cat# STF/S1/1/3)

Sales Price$26.00