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DNA/RNA Stabilization

SGC-50 - Dri-Capsules (stabilizing capsules) for use with SK-1 Swabs, pack of 50 (without swabs)



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Easy-to-use capsules for stabilizing DNA on SK-1S buccal swabs for 3+ years.
Isohelix Dri-Capsules were developed to quickly and efficiently dry SK-1S swabs to maintain complete molecular biology integrity while avoiding DNA cross contamination risks. The capsules are highly efficient with a non-toxic coating containing a high-grade silica gel with a color indicator to display continued active stabilization.  
To use, simply insert the capsule into the 5ml collection tube, included with each SK-1S swab, along with the used swab and seal the tube securely with the cap provided. Long term stability studies show that DNA samples on SK-1S swabs stored with Isohelix Dri-Capsules are stabilized for over 3 years
Dri-Capsules can also be purchased as a kit with 50 SK-1S swabs (see SGC-50/SK1).
Below is a demonstration on how to use the Dri-Capsules:


  • Stabilizes DNA at room temperature for over 3 years
  • Compatible with SK-1S swabs
  • Reduces DNA cross contamination
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic and inert coating with color indicator to display active stabilization
  • Ideal for remote/field sample collection


  • DNA stabilization for SK-1S buccal swabs


  • Dri-Capsules x 50