BriClone Hybridoma Cloning Additive

BriClone is an additive for the cloning medium used in the post fusion stages of hybridoma cell cloning and for improving the efficiency of hybridoma cell cloning.  Produced in the state-of-the-art facility at the NICB, this additive offers many advantages including increased efficiency in hybridoma production, elimination of batch variation, and eliminating the need to prepare feeder cells.

Now available for testing: GroClone Serum-free Hybridoma Cloning Additive. GroClone is a serum-free additive designed to improve efficiency and support optimal growth of freshly-fused hybridoma cells during the fusion and post fusion stages of antibody production and under conditions of hybridoma single-cell cloning.  GroClone is similar to BriClone, but is free of serum and contains no additives of mammalian origin, however it does contain human recombinant proteins. Contact us to request a sample!