Multus Growth Supplements

Multus offers outstanding animal-free, serum-free growth supplements and attachment factors for the scale-up of cellular agriculture.  Their mission is to make cultivated meat the affordable and sustainable choice for everyone. Multus products are next-generation growth media ingredients and formulations.

Multus is pioneering the design and production of key ingredients needed to accelerate the expansion of cellular agriculture and offer a truly sustainable alternative to today’s global dependence on animal farming. With a focus on novel ingredient discovery, the goal is to create a sustainable supply chain of food safe ingredients. Alone, or in combination, Multus solutions promote cell proliferation in different cell types. These products offer strong batch-to-batch reliability and consistent performance. They offer highly effective, superior quality growth media solutions for cell culture with a focus on the cultivated meat and cellular agriculture space. Their ISO22000 accreditation means their products can be in the food supply chain and validates the Multus commitment to identify and manage potential food safety hazards at every step of production and testing procedures.




Proliferum LSR 10X

10ml(Cat# PLSR01)

Sales Price$50.00


.1mg (Cat# VT01)

Sales Price$38.00