ReadyTector® All-in-One Detection Solution for Western Blotting

Anti-Mouse-HRP, 2 x 40ml (Cat# 720 040)
Sales Price$109.00

ReadyTector® includes everything you need for fast, all-in-one immunodetection.

With one solution containing all components required, the entire process takes place in a single step, in addition to washing with the included wash buffer. Blocking and binding of the primary antibody, supplied by the user, and Anti-Mouse HRP or Anti-Rabbit HRP-labeled secondary antibody occur simultaneously. The ReadyTector® solution with the primary antibody can be re-used up to 5 times. Despite the fast, all-in-one incubation process, ReadyTector® reduces background, allowing users to generate clear, distinct bands suitable for publishing.

Additional bottles of 10x wash buffer can be purchased separately.

  • Easy one-step protocol with all-in-one solution
  • Fast procedure with quick results
  • Reduces background for clear, sharp bands
  • ReadyTector® solution with the primary antibody can be re-used up to 5 times
  • Western blotting
Cat# Format Size
720 040 Anti-Mouse HRP 40ml x 2
720 120 Anti-Mouse HRP 120ml x 2
720 500 Anti-Mouse HRP 500ml x 2
730 040 Anti-Rabbit HRP 40ml x 2
730 120 Anti-Rabbit HRP 120ml x 2
730 500 Anti-Rabbit HRP 500ml x 2

All formats include a bottle of Readytector® solution and a bottle of 10x wash buffer.

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