GeneFix DNA/RNA Saliva Collectors

GeneFix is an easy-to-use saliva collection device that stabilizes DNA and RNA in an integrated stabilization buffer. With GeneFix, saliva sampling, storage and transport is simple.

The collector is pre-filled with the buffer and has a screw-on funnel for easy saliva delivery. With leakproof collection tubes, GeneFix is fully specified for sample transport and storage. Options with 2D barcoded tubes specially designed to be rackable and robotic compatible are available, as well as assisted collectors including 2 foam swabs. 

The buffer in GeneFix DNA/RNA Saliva Collectors stabilizes DNA for 5 years and viral RNA for 5 days at room temperature. 



  • Integrated buffer for instant stabilization
  • Unique funnel design prevents spillages or buffer flow back
  • DNA stabilized at room temperature for 5 years and viral RNA stabilized for 5 days
  • Total DNA yields exceed 100µg from 2ml of saliva
  • Suitable for field, home and clinic-based sampling


GeneFix DNA/RNA Saliva Collectors are ideal for COVID-19 testing. The stabilization buffer preserves high-quality viral RNA, and the robust collection tubes can easily be stored and transported. 


GeneFix 1ml DNA/RNA Saliva Collectors

2 Collectors (Cat# GFX-01/02)

Sales Price$47.00

GeneFix 2ml DNA/RNA Saliva Collectors

2 Collectors (Cat# GFX-02/02)

Sales Price$51.00

GeneFix Xtra 3ml DNA Saliva Collectors

2 Collectors (Cat# GFX-03/02)

Sales Price$68.00

GeneFix 1ml Assisted DNA/RNA Saliva Collectors

2 Collectors (Cat# GFXA-01/02)

Sales Price$57.00
Sales Price$890.00
Sales Price$938.00
Sales Price$1,110.00
Sales Price$50.00
Sales Price$58.00
Sales Price$64.00