Cell Projects Cuvettes & Lab Supplies

Cell Projects provides high quality supplies for electroporation and PCR. The range of cuvettes are specially designed to maximize molecular electroporation and electrofusion efficiencies, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure engineering tolerances, biocompatibility and sterility. Cell Projects laboratory supplies for PCR include PCR plates, sealing strips, and sealing film, all clean room produced and manufactured to strict quality and design criteria.

Electroporation Cuvettes

1mm Gap (Cat# EP-101)

Sales Price$164.00
Gap Size 
Electrode Length 

96 Well PCR Plates, Box of 25

Non-skirted (Cat# NS-96-CC)

Sales Price$104.00

8 Well Sealing Strips, Box of 300

Flat Caps (Cat# FC-08-CC)

Sales Price$71.00
Sales Price$176.00
100 Sheets