Saliva DNA/RNA Isolation Kits

Isohelix GeneFix DNA Isolation kits are fully optimized for extracting high yield, high purity DNA from saliva samples. The isolated DNA has almost no RNA contamination and is suitable for virtually all applications. Multiple kits are offered based on different chemistries, so users can select a kit that is most suitable for their downstream process. For RNA isolation from saliva, the Xtreme RNA Isolation kit, a spin column-based kit, provides high yields of RNA from saliva and swab samples.

Sales Price$330.00
50 Samples

GeneFix Saliva-Prep 2 DNA Isolation Kit

2 Samples (Cat# GSPN-02)

Sales Price$31.00
Sales Price$264.00
50 Samples

Xtreme DNA Isolation Kit

5 Samples (Cat# XME-5)

Sales Price$52.00

GeneFix Saliva Mini DNA Isolation Kit

5 Samples (Cat# GSS-05)

Sales Price$41.00

GeneFix Saliva Midi DNA Isolation Kit

2 Samples (Cat# GMS-02)

Sales Price$38.00

GeneFix Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation Kit

2 Samples (Cat# GSM-2)

Sales Price$34.00
GeneFix Mag-Rack (Optional) 

GeneFix Mag-Rack

Cat#: MR-24

Sales Price$796.00