Xtreme RNA Isolation Kit

Cat#: XMR-50
Sales Price$330.00
50 Samples

The Isohelix Xtreme-RNA kit is a spin-column based RNA purification kit for fast, simple preparation of total human, viral, or microbial RNA from saliva and swab samples.

The Xtreme RNA Isolation kit provides high yield, high purity RNA and is suitable for viral RNA extraction. It is fully optimized for use with GeneFix saliva collectors and Isohelix swabs stored in BuccalFix buffer. The kit is free of toxic and costly reagents commonly used in RNA extraction kits, such as phenol, chloroform, ╬▓-mercaptoethanol, and guanidine salts, allowing for easy and safe disposal following its use.

The samples extracted with the Xtreme RNA Isolation Kit are ideal for use in downstream applications such as rt-qPCR and gene expression studies. The kit is also scalable and can accommodate various sample input volumes. With a simple protocol, this kit is easy to use, and samples can be purified within an hour.


  • Fully optimized for stabilized swab and saliva samples
  • Extracts high yield, high purity RNA, expected A260/280: >1.9
  • Enzymatic method for disruption of RNAses
  • Scalable to different sample input volumes
  • Suitable for viral RNA extraction
  • No toxic phenol, chloroform, ╬▓-mercaptoethanol, or guanidine salts
  • RNA purification from swabs and saliva samples
  • Viral RNA extraction
  • Sample preparation for rt-qPCR and other downstream RNA applications
  • Proteinase K (20 mg/ml), 11mg
  • Precipitation Solution, 12.5ml
  • RNA Spin-Columns x 50
  • Wash Solution, 19ml
  • Elution Solution, 5ml

Sufficient for 50 samples.

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