BuccalFix DNA/RNA Stabilization Buffer

3 Tubes with Sarstedt Caps (Cat# BFX/S1-05-03)
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Stabilize DNA for 2+ years and RNA for 4 days at room temperature.

BuccalFix stabilizing buffers are designed to completely stabilize the DNA and RNA on buccal swabs by inhibiting all enzymatic and microbial activity that occurs following buccal sampling. DNA can be stored in BuccalFix at ambient temperature for over 2 years, while RNA can be stabilized for 4 days.

While stabilized, the structure and integrity of the DNA and RNA is fully maintained for further downstream processing applications. Stabilized DNA in BuccalFix can be processed for isolation by the addition of Proteinase K and subsequent isolation steps. 

A new study demonstrates RNA stability on buccal swabs using BuccalFix and the successful use of the stabilized RNA in RT-qPCR. Learn more

The BuccalFix buffers are offered in bulk or pre-filled in various tube formats to suit both manual and automated applications. The design is compatible with 1D and 2D bar coding and auto de-cap options. The MS Mini Swabs fit into the smaller tubes for 96 tube racking.

Below is a demonstration of how to use the BuccalFix stabilization buffer pre-filled in tubes:


  • Stabilizes DNA for 2+ years and RNA for 4 days
  • Improves yields and purity
  • Choice of collection tubes - Manual/HT
  • Room temperature storage
  • Compatible with most DNA isolation kits
  • DNA/RNA stabilization for buccal swabs
  • BFX/S1-05-03 - BuccalFix tubes with Sarstedt 2ml screw cap tubes pre-filled with 0.5ml BuccalFix stabilization buffer x 3
  • BFX/S1-05-50 - BuccalFix tubes with Sarstedt 2ml screw cap tubes pre-filled with 0.5ml BuccalFix stabilization buffer x 50
  • BFX/F3-05-48 - BuccalFix tubes using FluidX 2ml bulk packed tubes, bar-coded, pre-filled with 0.5ml BuccalFix stabilization buffer x 48
  • BFX-25 - BuccalFix Lysis and Stabilization buffer, 50 preps, 25ml 


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