GeneFix Mag-Rack

(Cat#: MR-24)

The GeneFix Mag-Rack is designed for use with the magnetic bead-based Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation kit, fully optimized for saliva samples.

The unique rack design enables up to 12 whole GeneFix samples to be easily and quickly isolated in their original collection tubes. There is also capacity for 6 microtubes for processing smaller saliva volumes. This rack offers the flexibility to reduce final volumes to increase DNA concentrations as required. Due to the compact design, multiple racks can be used at once to further improve sample throughput.


  • Customized for use with Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation Kit
  • Powerful magnets for efficient and fast processing
  • Variable volume for broad sample flexibility
  • Compact size
  • Magnetic bead DNA isolation from saliva samples
  • GeneFix Mag-Rack


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