GeneFix Saliva Collectors FAQs

Saliva DNA, RNA & Microbiome DNA Sampling, Stabilization and Purification

1. What temperatures should GeneFix samples be stored at, and for how long?
Samples can be stored at room temperature for up to 5 years. They can also be frozen at -20°C or -80°C for longer term storage.
2. Can kits other than GSPN Saliva-Prep2 be used to isolate DNA from GeneFix collectors?
Yes, GeneFix is compatible with most kits on the market, however for best results we recommend using our GSPN Saliva-Prep2 kit.
3. What yield of DNA will I expect to get per 1 ml of saliva?
The expected yield is 10- 30µg DNA in adults
4. What downstream applications can DNA from GeneFix saliva collectors be used for?
DNA can be used for a wide variety of applications, including SNP genotyping, PCR/qPCR, sequencing (Sanger & NGS), microarray, and others.
5. What purity of DNA will I expect to see when using GSPN Saliva-Prep2 to isolate GeneFix saliva samples?
When analyzed by spectrophotometer, samples typically give an A260:280 of  >1.7 & A260:230 of  >1.5.
6. Will the kit still work if a smaller or greater volume of saliva than specified is collected?
For best results, the sample should be on the Fill To line, however the kit will still work if the sample is a few millimeters above or below the line.
7. What if the subjects I am looking to collect from have difficulty producing saliva at will?
Our GFXA assisted DNA collectors include foam swabs to aid in collection.
8. Do DNA samples collected by GeneFix also contain RNA?
GFX saliva collectors co-isolate a minimal quantity of RNA when used with GSPN Saliva-Prep2 kits. When using other isolation methods, degraded RNA may be co-isolated with DNA. For best results we recommend using our saliva isolation kits.
9. Can I isolate RNA from saliva samples?
For optimal isolation of RNA, we recommend our RFX Saliva RNA collectors.
10. The liquid in the collection tubes looks cloudy, can I still use it?
The stabilization liquid becomes cloudy when it is too cool. Warm the tube in your hands for a few minutes until the buffer is clear before using the collection device.