Proliferum LSR 10X

10ml(Cat# PLSR01)
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Proliferum  LSR

 Proliferum® LSR is a serum-free 1:1 FBS replacement suitable for primary and immortalized cell proliferation. We have optimized its performance to work in a variety of environments including adherence cell culture, suspension culture, cell isolation, cryopreservation and recovery while maintaining cell proliferation and functionality over multiple passages.

Multus performs rigorous quality control which ensures consistent batch to batch performance and reproducible results.

Multus creates ethical high-performing cell culture media and ingredients to accelerate R&D across the life science industry. Proliferum® LSR is designed to grow different mammalian species’ myoblasts, fibroblasts and adipocytes with the key benefits of being serum-free, adaptation-free and demonstrating superior performance and versatility across cell types and scaffolding materials over multiple passages.


Storage Conditions

Upon receipt, store Solution 1 at +2-8°C and the incomplete Proliferum® M below -15°C.


For R&D Use


  • Serum-free FBS replacement
  • ISO 22000 Certified
  • Delivers consistent, reliable results
  • Suitable for primary and immortalized cells
  • Consistent batch to batch performance
  • Works across a range of scaffolds
  • Cellular agriculture
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • PLSR01, 10ml
  • PLSR100, 100ml

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