BuccalMag DNA Isolation Kit

50 Buccal Samples (Cat# BMG-50)
Sales Price$161.00
50 samples

High throughput magnetic bead DNA isolation.

The Buccal-Mag DNA Isolation kit uses magnetic bead DNA isolation to efficiently extract high quality, intact genomic DNA from buccal swab samples. 

Magnetic bead DNA isolation is a quick and reliable method for medium to high throughput purification of DNA samples. The Buccal-Mag kit is specifically designed for DNA buccal samples optimized for use with our Isohelix buccal swabs. The kit includes high binding capacity beads with a large surface area for fast attachment, enabling rapid isolation of DNA from Buccal Swab Samples.

This kit allows for variable sample volumes enabling flexible methodology.

  • High binding capacity to maximize sample yields
  • High purity and yeild for enhanced downstream performance
  • Optimized for use with Isohelix buccal swabs
  • Variable sample volumes for flexible methodology
  • No harmful buffers or solvent-based chemicals
  • Allows user to make use of orginal tubes thereby reducing waste
  • DNA isolation from buccal swab samples
  • BMG-50, for 50 buccal swab samples


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