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DNA Buccal Swabs

RD-01 - RapiDri Integrated DNA Swab Kit, pack of 200 NEW!



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Economic, convenient DNA sampling and stabilization lasting 3-6 months.

The RapiDri Swab kit contains the original high yield Isohelix DNA buccal swabs in combination with the new moisture wicking RapiDri Pouch and barcoded sealing label.

Once placed into the RapiDri pouch, the swab is quickly stabilized to maximize the DNA yield without loss of integrity. Stabilization lasts for 3-6 months at ambient temperatures. The RapiDri pouch also protects the DNA from cross contamination and acts as a transport pack, meeting most international shipping requirements.

This kit provides an economic option for shorter term buccal DNA stabilization with the swab and stabilization method conveniently boxed together. For longer term stabilization, see our Dri-Capsules and BuccalFix stabilization buffer



  • RapiDri pouch stabilizes DNA for 3-6 months at room temperature
  • Barcode sticker included
  • Unique swab matrix greatly improves DNA yields
  • RapiDri pouch protects DNA from cross contamination and maximizes yields
  • Convenient, economic option for DNA collection and stabilization
  • Ethylene Oxide treated



  • Buccal DNA sample collection
  • Research genotyping
  • Veterinary genotyping and diagnostics
  • Hereditary testing
  • Forensics and DNA population studies



  • Isohelix buccal swab with RapiDri pouch and barcoded sealing label x 200