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Antibody & Protein Delivery

PI10000 - Pro-DeliverIN Protein Delivery Reagent


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Pro-DeliverIN Transfection Reagent is an innovative reagent for intracellular delivery of biologically active proteins. This lipid-based formulation is the first serum compatible reagent to deliver functional proteins into living cells. The proteins delivered inside cells retain their biological functions. The delivery of proteins inside living cells represents an alternative to nucleic acids transfection and a powerful strategy for functional studies or therapeutic approaches. This new and innovative reagent opens new fields of investigation in rising field of proteomics to elucidate complex molecular mechanisms or to design new potential therapy.
Figure 1: Intracellular delivery of R-phycoerythrin into various cell lines. 1 µg of R-Phycoerythrin was mixed with 2 µl of Pro-DeliverIN reagent. Complexes were then incubated with different cell lines in 24-well plates. Living cells were observed 24h later by fluorescence microscopy.
Figure 2: Pro-DeliverIN delivers fully functional proteins. HeLa cells were treated with 15 ng of active human caspase-3 and 5 µl of the Pro-DeliverIN reagent in 24-well plates. As controls, cells were treated either with 15ng of caspase 3 alone, 5 μl of Pro-DeliverIN alone or 100 nM staurosporine (positive control). After 7h of incubation, cells were stained with Annexin-FITC and propidium iodide. Apoptotic and dead cells were monitored by cytofluorimetry. 


  • Intracellular delivery of functionally active proteins
  • Highly efficient in many primary cells and cell lines
  • Serum compatible
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Straightforward protocol and ready-to-use reagent


  • Intracellular delivery of proteins
  • Intracellular localization studies in living cells, protein-protein interactions, FRET studies, etc.


  • PI10100 - Pro-DeliverIN Transfection Reagent, 100 µl
  • PI10250 - Pro-DeliverIN Transfection Reagent, 250 µl
  • PI10500 - Pro-DeliverIN Transfection Reagent, 500 µl
  • PI11000 - Pro-DeliverIN Transfection Reagent, 1ml