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DNA/RNA Isolation

BEK - Buccalyse Rapid Buccal Cell DNA Isolation Kit


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The Buccalyse Rapid Buccal Cell DNA Isolation Kit is a fast and simple one step, one tube method for extracting DNA from buccal swabs.
The kit includes one solution that has been specifically formulated for use with buccal swabs. In only 20 minutes, this kit provides PCR-ready DNA that does not require centrifugation. Buccalyse can also be purchased with 50 SK-1S swabs and a sufficient volume of solution for 50 reactions.



  • Produces 2 to 4µg average total yield from an adult
  • Simple one step, one tube DNA extraction method
  • Provides PCR-ready DNA in 20 minutes
  • Does not require centrifugation


  • DNA extraction from buccal swabs


  • BEK-3 - Buccalyse solution, 400µl x 3 (3 reactions)
  • BEK-50 - Buccalyse solution, 20ml (50 reactions)




BEK3, BEK-03