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DNA/RNA Buccal Swabs

DNA/RNA Buccal Swabs

The Isohelix range of DNA/RNA Buccal swabs has been specifically designed to provide increased yields of high quality buccal cell and genomic DNA and all species of RNA. The unique swab matrix combined with a quick release surface maximizes efficiency. 


Multiple formats are available to suit different collection protocols and stabilization methods. Each format features the same swab material:

  • SK-1S - swabs with 5ml collection tubes, compatible with Dri-Capsules for long-term DNA stabilization
  • SK-2S - swabs with 2ml collection tubes with a special cap
  • SK-3S - swabs wrapped individually
  • SK-4S - swabs wrapped in sets of 2
  • MS-00 - mini swabs with reduced area for use with small animals; varieties with and without collection tubes
  • RD-01 - swabs with a RapiDri pouch for stabilization and transport


With the variety of Isohelix DNA/RNA Buccal swabs, users can select the preferred format for their application. All swab batches are ethylene oxide treated and routinely tested for human DNA contamination.