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DNA/RNA Isolation

XME - Xtreme DNA Purification Kit


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The Xtreme DNA Isolation Kit is a silica membrane-based spin column DNA purification kit designed to isolate genomic DNA from buccal swabs and saliva with minimal losses.
The isolated DNA is highly purified with a high molecular weight and is free of trace PCR inhibitors. The DNA is suitable for use in even the most demanding downstream applications. This kit does not contain solvent-based chemicals.


  • Silica membrane-based spin column kit
  • Produces high purity DNA free from trace PCR inhibitors
  • Optimized for saliva and buccal DNA
  • Can be used in manual or high throughput formats
  • No solvent-based chemicals
  • Improved success in demanding downstream applications


  • DNA extraction from buccal swabs
  • DNA extraction from saliva


XME-5 (5 reactions)

  • Solution LYS (Lysis buffer), 2.7ml
  • Solution CB (Column binding buffer), 4ml
  • Solution WB (Wash buffer), 1.5ml
  • Solution EB (Elution buffer), 0.6ml
  • Proteinase K, 2.2mg x 3
  • Xtreme DNA columns x 5
  • Collection tubes x 10

XME-50 (50 reactions)

  • Solution LYS (Lysis buffer), 27ml
  • Solution CB (Column binding buffer), 40ml
  • Solution WB (Wash buffer), 15ml
  • Solution EB (Elution buffer), 6ml
  • Proteinase K, 11mg x 2
  • Xtreme DNA columns x 50
  • Collection tubes x 100




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