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DNA/RNA Stabilization

RFSS/S1/05/50 - BuccalFix RNA Stabilization Buffer, 50 Prefilled Tubes with Flocked Swabs



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The RFSS BuccalFix RNA Stabilization Buffer is optimized for preserving all species of RNA on samples collected with flocked swabs. This buffer instantly stabilizes RNA and DNA for up to 4 weeks at room temperature. 

Like the BuccalFix DNA Stabilization Buffer, the RFSS buffer is provided in tubes prefilled with 0.5ml of the buffer. An RFX precipitation reagent, originally designed for use with the RFX RNA Saliva Collectors, and Proteinase K are provided for processing the samples prior to RNA isolation. 50 polyester breakable buccal swabs are also included.



  • Instantly stabilizes all species of RNA for up to 4 weeks
  • Convenient room temperature stabilization
  • Transport tested to 95kPa
  • For use with flocked swabs with a snappable shaft
  • Compatible with isolation kits; proteinase K supplied



  • Stabilization of RNA collected on flocked swabs



  • BuccalFix RNA tubes with Sarstedt 2ml screw caps prefilled with 0.5ml RNA stabilization buffer x 50
  • Polyester, breakable flocked swabs x 50
  • RFX precipitation reagent
  • Proteinase K



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