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HEKG-8 - Hektor G Medium, Liquid Concentrate Kit, 8L


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Hektor G medium was designed for the serum, protein and peptide-free routine maintenance and cryopreservation. High productivity levels of recombinant HEK 293EBNA cells were obtained by using the InVitrus VP-6 medium after transfecting cells in Hektor G medium. 
HEKG-8 provides Hektor G as a liquid concentrate kit . This format includes 5 bottles of liquid solutions that can be reconstituted to create 8L of Hektor G medium.


  • Free of proteins, peptides, complex additives such as albumines, hydrolysates and yeast extracts
  • Free of animal-derived components
  • Exclusively made of small molecules characterized by their CAS- and EINECS registry numbers


  • Routine maintenance and cryopreservation


  • Hektor G Medium, Liquid Concentrate Kit, 8L