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Assay Development

Model Item Name- Price
112 000 PlateBlock™

102 000 LowCross-Buffer® STRONG

131 000 Antibody Stabilizer

400 902 SafetyTector™ S NEW!

222 000 HRP-Protector™

160 000 Liquid Plate Sealer®

600 031 Candor ELISA Sampler Package 2 COVID-19

600 030 Candor ELISA Sampler Package 1 COVID-19

Assay Development

Researchers are racing to develop a COVID-19 test that is fast, accurate and scalable. Our immunoassay reagents improve stability and reliability in a wide range of assays.


PlateBlock™ is a new blocking reagent specifically developed for serological assays (antigen-down assays). False positives have been a significant issue with current serology testing processes. With PlateBlock™, false positives are greatly reduced and researchers and patients can have confidence in the accuracy of the test results.


PlateBlock™ can be used with other immunoassay reagents to create the optimal COVID-19 test. These products improve stability of the reagents and the associated shelf life of commercial kits: 

Try all reagents for ELISA with our sampler package! Additional reagents for immunoassays are available as well. Learn more


Magnetic silica beads are also an excellent tool for assay development. Magnetic silica beads have applications in separation, concentration and purification of biomolecules, and are well suited as a solid phase in assay kits. With a variety of surface modifications, the user can choose the perfect beads for the application. Additionally, our magnetic silica beads are ideal for high-throughput and automated applications as they do not require columns or centrifugation steps. Learn more