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112 000 - PlateBlock™


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Avoid false positives in your serological assays with PlateBlock™!

PlateBlock™ is a blocking reagent optimized for serological assays (antigen-down assays) that greatly improves the reliability of the assay. It does not contain any protein components and is produced without any raw materials of animal origin.

Problems with blocking the microplate surface occur frequently in serological ELISA and often lead to false positives. PlateBlock™ has been specifically designed to overcome these challenges. This blocker saturates plastic surfaces to achieve several functions:

  • Prevents non-specific binding
  • Reduces background, in particular background caused by some serum and plasma specimens’ tendency to detach single molecules from the dense blocking layer and replace them with other molecules 
  • Prevents cross reactivity between the blocking surface and the detector antibody
  • Avoids covering the epitope of the capture antigen


Applications in COVID-19 Research
Current serology testing procedures in the COVID-19 pandemic have shown a high incidence of false positives, putting the population at risk for further exposure. With PlateBlock™’s superior blocking, it can reduce false positives and provide more accurate test results.

PlateBlock™ has been in development for 4 years and preliminary testing shows fantastic results in improving serological assay reliability. 

To further enhance COVID-19 serological ELISA, use PlateBlock™ with other Candor immunoassay reagents. These products improve stability of the reagents and the associated shelf life of commercial kits:

More information on the challenges in developing an accurate antibody assay for COVID-19, and the need for a new solution, can be found in the following articles: 



  • Specifically developed for serological assays on plastic surfaces
  • Reduces false positives for more reliable testing
  • Prevents non-specific binding, cross reactivities and reduces background
  • Protein and animal free



  • Serological ELISA (antigen-down assays)



  • 112 125 – PlateBlock™, 125ml
  • 112 500 – PlateBlock™, 500ml

Please note: Larger volumes of PlateBlock™ are available upon request. Please contact us for details. 





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