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PCR & RNA Extraction

PCR & RNA Extraction

RNA extraction and subsequent RT-PCR is essential for COVID-19 research. We offer multiple products for each integral piece of the process in virus detection in RNA:


  • COVID-19 Detection Kits – these kits function by detecting the genes identified as COVID-19 markers during RT-PCR. The COVID-19 Real-time RT-PCR Kit, Premix Format provides a reliable, efficient process with all components required for RT-PCR supplied in each tube.

  • Master Mixes – these ready-to-use mixtures have applications in qPCR. Xpert One-Step Fast Probe has proven to work well with the recommended primers/probes for COVID-19 and can quantify virtually any RNA target. ExcelRT™ is a high sensitivity, convenient kit for one-step RT-qPCR, available with or without ROX reference dye.

  • RNA Extraction Kits/Solutions – these kits use column-based or solution-based methods to extract DNA/RNA from a wide range of specimens. GRS Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit has been successfully used for the detection of COVID-19.


To explore RNA isolation methods further, view our wide range of Magnetic Silica Beads. Our MagSi-DNA beads are especially useful as a solid support phase in nucleic acid purification protocols. Learn more