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Saliva Collection & Sample Stabilization

Saliva Collection & Sample Stabilization

Saliva has been approved as a sample for COVID-19 testing. Saliva is considered to be an excellent alternative to swab methods as it is faster, more scalable and less invasive. It also reduces exposure risk to healthcare workers compared to nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal collection and requires less PPE. 


GeneFix Saliva Collectors provide a method for both sample collection and stabilization. Each device is pre-filled with a stabilization buffer that preserves viral RNA for 5 days and DNA for 5+ years at room temperature. With the attached funnel, saliva is delivered directly into the buffer and then the tube is sealed and ready for transport. 


Stabilization solutions for other types of samples include:

  • RNA Stabilization Buffer – stabilizes RNA in swab samples at room temperature, supplied in 2ml tubes or in bulk in one bottle. This buffer is compatible with flocked swabs.

  • AquaPreserve Solution – used for DNA/RNA/protein preservation and extraction from whole blood, plasma, saliva and other liquid or solid biospecimens. This reagent streamlines biospecimen collection, thereby increasing data reproducibility and reliability.

  • AquaStool Solution – used for DNA/RNA stabilization and extraction from fecal samples.