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Saliva Collection & Sample Stabilization

7030 - AquaStool Solution, 30ml



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AquaStool is a multifunctional aqueous reagent for fecal sample stabilization, DNA and RNA extraction and PCR inhibitor removal. It is used to extract fecal DNA for non-invasive genotyping of transgenic animals and to preserve and extract DNA/RNA from human stools for host and gut microbiome research. AquaStool can also be used to extract DNA from tree tissues, which are particularly challenging with existing DNA extraction methods.

Three separate protocols are provided:

  • Mouse fecal DNA extraction and genotyping
  • Human fecal DNA/RNA extraction and analysis 
  • Wood DNA extraction

Please note: AquaRemove reagent is required for human fecal DNA/RNA purification. This reagent is purchased separately.



  • Non-invasive sampling
  • Three protocols provided
  • All-in-one solution



  • Fecal sample stabilization, DNA/RNA extraction and PCR inhibitor removal
  • DNA extraction from wood tissue



  • AquaStool Reagent, 30ml (200 extractions on mouse fecal pellets)





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