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Transfection & Electroporation

Model Item Name- Price
EP-000 Electroporation Cuvettes, 50/pack

RM20000 RmesFect mRNA Transfection Reagent

VM40000 ViroMag Viral Gene Delivery Reagent

Transfection & Electroporation

Transfection and electroporation are both excellent techniques in studying the entry of COVID-19 into cells for vaccine and antibody development. Our transfection reagents increase transfection efficiency in all types of cells, including the most difficult cell lines:


  • ViroMag Transduction Reagent – improves virus infection and transduction capacities. ViroMag uses the technique of Magnetofection, incorporating a magnetic plate, to concentrate viral particles onto cells within minutes. It can be used with all types of viruses.

  • RmesFect mRNA Transfection Reagent – for in vitro mRNA transfection with high efficiency and low toxicity. RmesFect protects mRNA against degradation and can be used with all types of cells.


Additional transfection and transduction reagents are available for antibody and protein delivery, 3D transfection, transfection for CRISPR, and other applications. Learn more


Our Electroporation Cuvettes maximize molecular electroporation and electrofusion efficiencies for a range of types of cells. They are compatible with most electroporation systems and contain special cap designs for improved aseptic handling techniques. Additionally, the cuvettes have tapered V bottoms to reduce dead volumes and the molding process ensures fine tolerances.