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Deoxynucleoside 5’Triphosphates

Model Item Name- Price
11001/11002 4you4 dNTP Mix

110011/110012 Set of 4 dNTPs

Deoxynucleoside 5’Triphosphates

Deoxynucleoside triphosphates are the fuel for every PCR, which means quality is critical.  All dNTP batches from BIORON are carefully tested for effective PCR both with Taq DNA Polymerase and Pfu DNA Polymerase. Moreover, the products are tested for the absence of other inorganic salts. Each  paricular dNTP is free from any traces of other dNTPs. The dNTPs are supplied in sodium salts, in solutions or powder. dNTPs provided by Bioron are RNase free.  Each is tested for purity by HPLC (>98%), UV and NMR spectroscopy and absence of nucleases including RNases.

The dNTPs are available in sets, premixed or separately.