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DNA Polymerases/SNPase, dNTPs & Kits

Model Item Name- Price
110003/110004 dATP, 100 mM

110005/110006 dCTP, 100 mM

110007/110008 dGTP, 100 mM

110009/110010 dTTP, 100 mM

DNA Polymerases/SNPase, dNTPs & Kits

Our well-established, Bioron line of DNA Polymerases includes a wide range of high quality common and modified DNA Polymerases for both Standard and HotStart PCR.  This includes polymerases for Real-Time PCR and high fidelity applications.  All polymerases are provided with optimized reaction buffers. 

Our range of polymerases include:


  • Hot Start DNA Polymerases - HotStart polymerases provide improved sensitivity and specificity by inhibiting Taq Polymerase at room temperature. The inactivation prevents formation of unwanted by-products. Bioron offers different kinds of blocked HotStart polymerases.


  • SD Polymerase - BIORON’s novel patented SD polymerase is a universal thermostable Strand Displacement DNA polymerase lacking the 5’-3’ exonuclease activity. This Enzyme combines the  targets.


  • DFS Taq DNA Polymerase - a unique thermostable DNA Polymerase of approximately 94kDa isolated from Thermus aquaticus strain YT-1.  DFS Taq DNA Polymerase is free from bacterial DNA and offers high sensitivity and high yields.


  • SNPase DNA Polymerase – a unique enzyme designed for SNP detection.  The enzyme demonstrates increased sensitivity to mismatches at the 3’ end of the primer.  As a result SNPase is ideal for SNP detection by allele specific PCR.


  • Klen SNPase DNA Polymerase – an optimized version of thermostable DNA polymerase designed for cycle sequencing with dideoxynucleotides in automated fluorescent DNA sequencing as well as for manual DNA sequencing with 35S label.