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GeneFix DNA Isolation Kits

GMS - GeneFix Saliva Midi DNA Isolation Kit


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The GeneFiX™ Midi DNA isolation kit uses high performance silica spin columns specifically optimized for the purification of DNA from Saliva.

This kit is ideal when the whole 2ml of saliva needs to be isolated from a GeneFix Saliva collector in a one batch protocol (for 0.5ml-1ml, see Mini DNA isolation kit). The isolated genomic DNA is highly purified with a high molecular DNA weight derived directly from the saliva DNA samples. The simple protocol shows minimal losses. The DNA produced is suitable for use in the most demanding of downstream processing applications.



  • Produces high purity genomic DNA with yields over 100µg
  • Fully optimized for saliva samples
  • DNA is free from trace PCR inhibitors
  • Designed for both Manual or HT applications
  • No solvent-based chemicals required
  • Purified with typical A260/280 ratio above 1.8 and A260/230 above 1.0



  • DNA isolation from saliva
  • Manual or HT applications



GMS-02 (2 reactions)

  • Proteinase K, 2.2mg x 2
  • Solution WB (Wash buffer), 2.5ml
  • Solution EB (Elution buffer), 0.6ml
  • GeneFix Midi Columns x 2
  • 15ml collection tubes x 4 

GMS-12 (12 reactions)

  • Proteinase K, 11mg x 2
  • Solution WB (Wash buffer), 15ml 
  • Solution EB (Elution buffer), 6ml 
  • GeneFix Midi Columns x 12
  • 15ml collection tubes x 24

GMS-48 (48 reactions)

  • Proteinase K, 22mg x 2
  • Solution WB (Wash buffer), 15ml x 4
  • Solution EB (Elution buffer), 6ml x 4
  • GeneFix Midi Columns x 48
  • 15ml collection tubes x 96