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GeneFix DNA Isolation Kits

GSM - GeneFix Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation Kit NEW!


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High throughput magnetic bead DNA isolation.

The Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation kit uses magnetic bead DNA isolation to efficiently extract high quality, intact genomic DNA from saliva. 

Magnetic bead DNA isolation is a fast and reliable method for medium to high throughput purification of DNA samples. The Saliva-Mag kit is specifically designed for DNA saliva samples. The kit includes high binding capacity beads with a large surface area for fast attachment, enabling rapid isolation of DNA from GeneFix saliva collectors.

Variable volumes can be processed, from a full GeneFix 2ml saliva collector, to a 0.5ml saliva aliquot, allowing for flexibility and repeated sampling. 

Saliva-Mag is ideal for use with the GeneFix Mag-Rack for fast, efficient processing.



  • High binding capacity to maximize sample yields
  • High purity and yield for enhanced downstream performance
  • Easily used with GeneFix saliva collectors
  • Variable sample volumes for flexible methodology
  • No harmful buffers or solvent-based chemicals
  • No columns or filtration



  • DNA isolation from saliva samples



GSM-2 (2 reactions with 2ml samples)

  • Proteinase K, 2.2mg
  • Binding buffer, 8ml
  • Magnetic beads, 80µl
  • Wash buffer, 30ml
  • Elution buffer, 800µl

GSM-12 (12 reactions with 2ml samples)

  • Proteinase K, 11mg
  • Binding buffer, 50ml
  • Magnetic beads, 480µl
  • Wash buffer, 100ml x 2
  • Elution buffer, 4.8ml

GSM-48 (48 reactions with 2ml samples)

  • Proteinase K, 22mg x 2
  • Binding buffer, 100ml x 2
  • Magnetic beads, 1ml x 2
  • Wash buffer, 350ml x 2
  • Elution buffer, 20ml