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GeneFix DNA/RNA Saliva Collectors

GFX-02/00 - GeneFix 2ml DNA/RNA Saliva Collectors


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Saliva sampling, storage and transport for high yield, high purity DNA and viral RNA.

GeneFix (GFX) is an easy-to-use saliva collection device that stabilizes DNA and viral RNA in tubes pre-filled with a non-toxic stabilization buffer.

GFX-02 is developed for 2ml of saliva. The collector has a simple screw-on funnel for saliva delivery directly into the buffer. The saliva collection tube clearly indicates the volume of saliva required. Once in the buffer, DNA is stabilized for 5 years and viral RNA is stabilized for 5 days at room temperature, with high yields maintained.

With robust, leakproof collection tubes, GeneFix saliva collectors are fully specified for sample transport and storage. 

Below is a demonstration of how to use the GeneFix Saliva Collectors:



  • Integrated DNA/RNA stabilization buffer preserves high yields of DNA and viral RNA
  • DNA stabilized for 5+ years and viral RNA for 5 days at room temperature
  • Unique funnel design prevents spillages or buffer flow back
  • Total DNA yield in adults is 180ng/µl
  • Ready for transport; collection tube specified to 95kPa for leakproof mailing



  • Saliva DNA and viral RNA collection and stabilization
  • COVID-19 saliva-based applications and testing
  • Population studies and genetics research
  • Clinical and academic research projects
  • DNA/viral RNA testing



  • GFX-02/02 - GeneFix DNA/RNA Saliva Collector for 2ml sample with funnel and tube pre-filled with stabilization buffer x 2
  • GFX-02/12 - GeneFix DNA/RNA Saliva Collector for 2ml sample with funnel and tube pre-filled with stabilization buffer x 12
  • GFX-02/50 - GeneFix DNA/RNA Saliva Collector for 2ml sample with funnel and tube pre-filled with stabilization buffer x 50





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