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GeneFix RNA Saliva Collectors

Model Item Name- Price
RFX-01/00 GeneFix RNA Saliva Collectors

RFXA-01/00 GeneFix RNA Assisted Saliva Collectors

GeneFix RNA Saliva Collectors

GeneFix RNA Saliva Collectors are pre-filled with a stabilization buffer that preserves mammalian RNA from the moment of collection for 2 weeks.

The collector has a simple screw-on funnel for simple saliva delivery directly into the buffer. The saliva collection tube clearly indicates the volume of saliva required after which the funnel is removed and cap replaced. The unique funnel design prevents flow back and can also be used with our new assisted option using foam swabs. GeneFix is fully specified for sample transport and storage.

For COVID-19 testing, we recommend GeneFix DNA/RNA Saliva Collectors. These collectors stabilize DNA for 5 years and viral RNA for 5 days.