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Happy Cell ASM 3D Culture Medium

VHC25 - Happy Cell ASM 3D Culture Medium, 25ml (4x concentration)



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Happy Cell ASM (Advanced Suspension Medium) is a unique, low viscosity cell culture reagent that promotes the formation of 3D multicellular structures. When mixed with a cell culture medium, Happy Cell supports cell growth in suspension, enabling the formation and growth of 3D multicellular structures (spheroids) without the restrictions of artificial matrices. Happy Cell also enhances the viability of primary cells and facilitates the expansion and growth of single cells.

Happy Cell ASM is easy to use and greatly enhances efficiency. When no longer required, the Happy Cell suspension system can be inactivated, thereby simplifying cell harvesting and downstream processing. This reagent was designed to work seamlessly with automated systems and is compatible with imaging and liquid handling systems, as well as flow cytometry.

With its special properties, Happy Cell ASM has proven to be a viable alternative to solid gel matrices, scaffolds, micro-patterned surfaces and hanging drop systems for 3D cell culture. Learn more about the performance and development of Happy Cell ASM.

Inactivation Solution
When using Happy Cell ASM, it is recommended to also utilize Inactivation Solution. This liquid reagent facilitates the recovery of 3D multi-cellular structures by irreversibly disrupting the Happy Cell ASM suspension polymer complex without compromising cellular integrity and function. Inactivation Solution dramatically improves the quality of your data.



  • Facilitates the formation, growth, treatment and downstream processing of 3D multi-cellular structures
  • Enables fast and simple sample recovery and analysis
  • Allows for rapid tumor spheroid formation
  • Enables quick and easy harvesting of cells and microtissues
  • Automation friendly
  • Easy labeling, washing and dosing of cells



  • Oncology and chronic disease models
  • Stem cell organoid culture
  • Primary cell culture and expansion
  • Flow cytometry
  • Microscopy
  • Bioreactors



  • VHCDM25 - Happy Cell ASM formulated in DMEM, 4x concentrate, 25ml
  • VHCME25 - Happy Cell ASM formulated in MEM, 4x concentrate, 25ml
  • VHCRP25 - Happy Cell ASM formulated in RPMI 1640, 4x concentrate, 25ml




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