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Happy Cell ASM 3D Culture Medium

VHC25 - Happy Cell ASM 3D Culture Medium, 25ml (4x concentration)



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Happy Cell is a unique, low viscosity, low density, cell culture reagent that permanently suspends cells.  It allows easy labeling, washing, and dosing of cells. 
This product was developed for biomedical research and drug discovery.  It has been proven to support 3D growth in cancer, stem, and primary cells and allows for rapid tumor spheroid formation.  Happy Cell ASM is suitable for high content imaging and automated liquid handing.
Happy Cell ASM is available formulated in DMEM, MEM or RPMI 1640.
See below for multiple publications involving the successful use of Happy Cell ASM in a variety of applications.
See Also: Inactivation Solution, sold separately, VHCISS
Inactivation Solution facilitates sedimentation and recovery of 3D Structures


  • Facilitates the formation, growth, treatment and downstream processing of 3D multi-cellular structures
  • Enables fast and simple sample recovery and analysis
  • Allows for rapid tumor spheroid formation
  • Enables quick and easy harvesting of cells and microtissues
  • Automation friendly
  • Easy labeling, washing and dosing of cells



  • Oncology and chronic disease models
  • Stem cell organoid culture
  • Primary cell culture and expansion
  • Flow cytometry
  • Microscopy
  • Bioreactors



  • VHCDM25 - Happy Cell ASM formulated in DMEM, 4x concentrate, 25ml
  • VHCME25 - Happy Cell ASM formulated in MEM, 4x concentrate, 25ml
  • VHCRP25 - Happy Cell ASM formulated in RPMI 1640, 4x concentrate, 25ml




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