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Happy Cell ASM 3D Culture Medium

VHCISS - Happy Cell Inactivation Solution, 2.5ml



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Happy Cell ASM Inactivation Solution is a liquid reagent used in conjunction with Happy Cell ASM. This reagent facilitates the recovery of 3D multi-cellular structures by irreversibly disrupting the Happy Cell ASM suspension polymer complex without compromising cellular integrity and function. Happy Cell Inactivation Solution dramatically improves the quality of your data.


  • Enhances the recovery of cultured 3D microtissues
  • Designed for use with Happy Cell ASM



  • Oncology and chronic disease models
  • Stem cell organoid culture
  • Primary cell culture and expansin
  • Flow cytometry
  • Microscopy
  • Bioreactors



  • Happy Cell Inactivation Solution, 2.5ml